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A more valuable and interesting pursuit would be to explore the importance of Rickenbackers in the music We will never get a chance to know for sure out so lets drop the speculations here and now! In my opinion there has never been a Rickenbacker - Artist symbiosis like the one between John Lennon and his Rickenbacker 325. I hasten to remind you dear reader, that this is the story seen through my own eyes and the views expressed herein, should not be held up to the highest standard of scientific scrutiny. John had seen guitarist Jean "Toots" Thielemans, George Shearings Quintet, playing a Rickenbacker 325 in 1959. One day John and George went to Steinways in Hamburg (local research suggests that the guitar may have been acquired from the nearby Musikhaus Rothoff).

In Hamburg John Lennon soon started to modify his guitar.

There does not appear to be any serial numbers on it.

There are patent numbers on both sides of the magnets but I would assume that these would not include the serial number.

The first alteration he made was to remove the TV-style control knobs and replace them with Hofner types.

Through the years he was using both Burns and Hofner type knobs.

My Rick had the serial number in the end of the tuning piece; stock or whatever it's called. I'm told when the strings go thro' the actual guitar body (not a chrome endplate) it is prewar. Early models had a little octagon shaped knob for the volume control; flat in shape. Note: I have posted similar information on this Forum before.

rickenbacker serial dating-63

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The main difference between it and the prototype is how they are strung.The Rickenbacker International Corporation (RIC) grew out of the first company founded for the sole purpose of creating and manufacturing fully electric musical instruments and amplifiers-the Los Angeles-based Electro String Instrument Corporation.