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Though that might have been an issue, the melanoma diagnosis I had several years earlier was more weighty; his wife had died of cancer just over a year before.

As soon as you suspect something more [serious], truth is best. D., I usually explain about my bipolar, my support system, and my medication on the first date and let him ask questions.

People often brush their teeth immediately after drinking red wine to avoid stains, but this can be damaging, says Christina Chatfield, a hygienist and owner of the Dental Health Spa in Brighton and spokeswoman for the British Dental Health Foundation.

bp readers respond I met the man who is now my husband weeks after being diagnosed with bipolar.

Looking after your teeth is vital for all-round health.

Last week, research published in the journal Immunity suggested a type of bacteria that causes gum disease could make you more vulnerable to cancer These are chewable tablets that show up the plaque — a sticky, transparent film of bacteria — in a coloured stain on your teeth after cleaning to illustrate where your brushing and flossing has missed.

Ask family, friends, and neighbors if they have a loved one abroad who would like a pen-pal.

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Many country maps are also interactive and will take you to that country's states or sub-divisions. unless you know otherwise and can tell the Fat Birder.

Unfortunately, I would run into difficulty explaining some situation and have to tell the man I was bipolar sooner or make up a lie. My fiancé tells me he doesn’t care that I have bipolar because I’m worth it.

—J., via I always tell the people that I begin dating about my bipolar.

Below the map of the world are some truly international links; below each regional or country map you will find links to that region or country.

Where to Watch Birds and Other Wildlife in the World Website This website is about what remains of the beautiful world we live in on this planet we call Earth.With a #2 pencil, I bubbled in my name, my interests, and the top countries I was interested in: Yugoslavia (as it was called! In a couple of weeks I was matched with “Liliana from Yugoslavia”- we ended up writing for more than 10 years before we lost touch!