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24-Dec-2017 00:20

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The majority (58%) said that they've never even gone on a date using the popular apps.53% say they're using dating apps to find friends, 27% said they're looking for a significant other, and the smallest percentage, 20%, said they were looking for a hookup., says 50% of its users are in the college age group -- 18-24.Sydney Mastrandrea, a sophomore at the University of Miami, said the fact that students say they use the app to find friends likely isn't the whole truth.During the mess that is the first year of college, most students probably stand witness to just about every type of relationship on the spectrum.There are the relationships people haul in from high school, whether they are of the long-distance or open-relationship fashion.

It is designed to dispel myths and provide information about the prevalence of these issues so that panelists will be as informed as possible about the reality of these offenses.The difference between college students' dating lives in the modern day versus that of their grandparents' is becoming increasingly stark.Of course, some people do meet the person they're eventually going to get hitched to during their college years, but most don't.Prior to meeting her fiancé, University of Wisconsin senior Jenna Wroblewski had her fair share of failed Tinder matches.

Dating app users often find the platforms can function as either a means to solely hook up, or an opportunity to form a relationship.

"I think people use [Tinder] for random hookups rather than [finding] friends -- but say it's for 'friends' so they aren't judged," she told CNNMoney.