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01-Aug-2017 22:55

Pioneer of transcontinental railroads, Southern Pacific had its origin in the Central Pacific Rail Road Company of California, incorporated June 28, 1861, to build the western portion of the Pacific Railroad.Construction began at Sacramento in 1863 following authorization by Congress in 1862.The lines would meet up at Lang Station in present-day Santa Clarita and not to be outdone, we needed our own golden spike. Forty guests were invited to the ceremony, and 4,000 (mostly Chinese immigrant) workers showed up. Crocker’s flowery speech mentioned the significance of the spike as “indicative of the great wealth which will flow into the coffers of San Francisco and Los Angeles when this connection is made.” He described the ceremony as a “wedding” between Los Angeles and San Francisco, not by the “hands of wedlock, but by the bands of steel.” Talk about a shotgun wedding.

What first came to my attention with the effect of a light bulb switched on were the relative dates for two key events: Asa Whitney [first] submitted his plan for a Pacific railroad to Congress (through his representatives) in January 1845.

Construction of the rail highway for the Iron Horse from the Pacific Coast to the Missouri River was one of man's greatest accomplishments.

Its completion gave birth to a new era, and the expansion of its western lines is evidenced today in the far-flung properties of the Southern Pacific Company.

Most date nails are steel, though many are copper, aluminum, malleable iron, or brass.

Lengths run from a paltry 3/4" up to 3", with shank diameters running from 1/8" up to 5/16".

If you have a specific need, such as a book illustration or the creation of art work pertaining to any railroad, I will be happy to do research and develop a custom piece of train art per your specifications. People who want to remember a friend or relative who worked for a railroad can commission artwork designed specifically for that individual.

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