Ashley olsen dating justin timberlake

05-Oct-2017 07:29

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When Justin Timberlake greeted Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman in the audience at Sunday's Oscars it was hard to tell which of them looked more smitten.

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The song is with her Springbreaker Gucci Mane, because she’s hood now that she’s dating a black man, or maybe Gucci Mane is frat boy soft…. I’m more the guy who notices nipples in pictures on instagram…She’s out in men’s underwear, a big deal for weirdos with women in men’s underwear fetishes…it’s FASHION people and you can see her uneventful over paid ass…I would say she’s an awkward, uninteresting, garbage celebrity, but her nudes force me to like her for her tits and level of exhibitionism…I will say, she’s not a great actress, just a lot of hype and proof that Hollywood is a scam that chooses some people to keep budgets high, as there is no way people are drawn into seats to see this bitch…it’s not like she’s THE ROCK…something….In this age of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, we get to know about celebrity hook-ups, flings, PDAs and affairs as soon as they start brewing.

And even if some celebs choose not to make public their “thing” on social media, the paparazzi makes sure that they keep tabs on it.Either way she’s so fashionable in her designer pervert wear…as her super important ass lives it up as a celebrity…exciting.