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The base of a bottle typically only has one primary function (besides helping hold the bottle together) and that is to provide a flat surface for the bottle to stand upright.Of course there are exceptions to that "rule", most notable being the rounded base mineral & soda water bottles whose purpose was to make sure the bottle did Bottle bottoms aren't flat because they need an arched structure to allow them to be stable on a flat surface.If you’re not familiar with it, you might check out this XKCD comic for the complicated version, or this excerpt from baseball metaphors for sex from Wikipedia: 4.Home run (or rounding the bases, scoring a run, hitting a home run, scoring, going all the way, coming home, etc.) is the act of penetrative intercourse.

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Also unlike past studies, perceived contributions of resources, rather than the control of resources, were examined.

How access to alternative relationships relates to power was also examined in this study.

I would like to give a special thanks to Elizabeth Thomson for her assistance throughout the writing of this manuscript.

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